The agreement can be made into a court order by applying to the court.

The Indian Contract Act, 1872[1] prescribes the law relating to contracts in India and is the key act regulating Indian contract law. The Act is based on the principles of English Common Law. It is applicable to all the states of India. It determines the circumstances in which promises made by the parties to a […]

Make this is clear in the letter agreement.

DoD ESI is an official DoD initiative sponsored by the DoD Chief Information Officer (CIO) to lead in the establishment and management of enterprise COTS IT agreements, assets, and policies. DoD ESI lowers the total cost of ownership across the DoD, Coast Guard and Intelligence Communities for commercial software, IT hardware, and services.. The BPA […]

The expression normal hourly rate in this Agreement means the craft skilled.

But these alternatives are both more costly than a carbon tax and deliver fewer reductions in emissions. In Australia’s case, tighter regulations and rebates would deliver two-thirds the reduction and cost 50 per cent more than would be achieved with a $US50 carbon tax. Angus Taylor, the minister for energy and emissions reduction, said the […]

This template Call Option Agreement is made between a Grantor and a Grantee.

Whereas this collective agreement is made pursuant to the laws of the province of Alberta as amended from time to time including but not limited to the School Act, the Alberta Human Rights Act, the Public Education Collective Bargaining Act (PECBA), the Employment Standards Code, and the Labour Relations Code. 13.3 Where the Association requests […]

The agreement needs to be ratified by all three governments.

As reported on ContractsProf Blog, the phrase except as otherwise specified in this agreement featured in newscaster Dan Rathers contract with CBS. It also featured in a New York appellate courts opinion in CBSs appeal of the trial courts refusal to dismiss Rathers breach of contract claim against CBS. a) Except as otherwise agreed in […]

The Agreement is one major step in implementing these declarations.

gives UNDERMINED, which means (cryptically at least) “damaged” and can be found as part of “Found ermine deer”. The word “hides” is used to mean “contains,” but in the surface sense suggests “pelts”. A complication is that “damaged” often (but not in this clue) means “rearrange the letters”. Friedlander and Fine also note that solvers […]

The Agreement is personal to the Parties.

The pharmacistpatient treatment agreement addresses dispensing hours and observed dosing procedure. It also helps pharmacists to discuss concerns and implications around alcohol and other sedating drug use with patients at the start of their treatment program and to minimize the chance of patients presenting to the pharmacy intoxicated. These forms are reproduced from Opioid Agonist […]

Two LCAT questions were identified as significant points of disagreement.

Be aware that even if you cancel an agency agreement early, the agent will likely claim that all marketing money has already been spent and cannot be refunded. If this happens, request tax invoices showing that all of the money has been spent. If the agent cannot produce them, you are entitled to a refund […]

Copy of by agreement between the same complaint or nullify a certain conduct.

Is the principle of liability for the Crossing Party maintained also in the event that it can be substantiated that the damage was caused by the Affected Party or the Affected Group? This may be regarded as unreasonable, and many legal systems will not accept such a principle when there is serious misconduct. There are […]